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What is this information for?
Here below You will find the regulations concerning the administration of the site in reference to the personal data protection  of the users  who visit it. This is the information act 13/14 of the European Regulation that defines the personal data protection rules – GDPR 679/2016 of those who use web site accessible electronically

This information act concerns only the above mentioned site . Costruzioni Hotel Europa is not responsible for any other web sites that can be visited through its links.

Navigation Data
Computer systems and software procedures during their  normal functioning acquire some personal data information  which transmission is implied in the usage of communication protocol of the Internet.  This information is gathered not for being used by the third people but can be possibly used to identify the users. Information like IP address or  domain names of the computers used by the users to navigate , URI address of the requested resources , the time of the request, method that is used to make a request to the server, the dimension of the file got in response, the code of the state of the response given by the server , and other parameters related to the operation system or computer system of the user. This information is used only to get anonym statistic information regarding the usage of the site and to control its correct functioning and is cancelled immediately after elaboration.

This information can be used in case of computer damages caused to the site in order to identify responsible.

This is  to inform the users that in order to give a full and complete service our portal contains some links to another web sites which are not administered by the Costruzioni Hotel Europa, so the last one can not be responsible for errors, contents, cookies, publications with illegal moral contents, advertisements, banner or files that are not in accordance with the regulations that are in effect  or privacy regulation of these sites.

Communication of email address which is optional causes the acquisition of email address of the user which is necessary in the process request – answer.

For additional information concerning cookies You are asked to get acquainted with a special section presented on the site.

Costruzioni Europa Srl legal address F.lli Cervi Str. 89 Vat n 02009750353 is responsible for personal data treatment in accordance with European Regulation n. 679/2016.

This is to inform You  that in accordance with article 13 of the European Regulation  n. 2016/679 – GDPR – Your personal data will be treated according  to the following procedure and only for the listed scopes.

Treatment Object
Costruzioni Hotel Europa  treats personal data ex. data necessary for  identification like name, surname , email address, phone number, those necessary to effectuate payment transaction  like number of the credit card and its expiry date, full name of its owner, and another personal data indicated by the users in order to get some information or to effectuate booking online.

Treatment Aim
Personal data will be treated in order to satisfy the requests of the users, to send prior estimation and to initiate registration of the booking.

Treatment Procedure
Personal data treatment is subjected to the following steps – gathering, registration, consultation, conservation, communication, cancellation, destruction.Personal data treatment is submitted  to paper and electronic/ automatic treatment.

Costruzioni Hotel Europa will hold personal data the necessary period of time in order to respect legal obligations and to fulfill the above mentioned treatment passages.  Once there is no legal obligation to contain personal data they will be destructed.

Treatment procedure will be saved for accuracy reasons and protected from any non authorized access, illegal usage and diffusion.

Data Access
Personal data can be accessible for the scopes mentioned in the Article 2 by administrators, employees, authorized external collaborators of the company, representatives of the different branches of the same company, and by external collaborators of the company who, in this case, are responsible for personal data treatment.

Data Communication
Costruzioni Hotel Europa must communicate personal data, only for the above mentioned scopes, even without users consent to the judicial authority, supervisory institution and to all institutions which need this information according to the law. The above mentioned institutions become in their turn the legal responsible of the data treatment.

Data Transmission
Personal data is filed in the archive where the company has its headquarter and on the server inside the European union.It goes without saying that the company is free to replace the archives and server outside the European zone respecting all judicial obligations and European Union regulations.

Users’s rights
In reference to the personal data treatment You have the following rights.

  • Confirmation of the existence of the personal data treatment and its final scopes as well as the correct and intelligible way of their communication.
  • Cancellation of personal data once they are not useful anymore or there is no consent of the person who is subject of the personal data treatment. When personal data has been treated not according to effective laws, when the subject of personal data treatment rejects his/ her consent, when the company is obliged to cancel personal data according to laws
  • Updating, rectification or in case interested, the integration of personal data
  • Confirmation that the people who treat personal data have been properly acknowledged with its final scopes
  • Reject personal data treatment for personal motives Art. 6, chapter 1, letters e or f
  • Reject personal data treatment for direct marketing
  • File a complaint to controlling authorities
  • Get in a structured and legible form from an automatic device his/ her personal data and to transmit them to another company without any obstacles from the prior company. If possible personal data have to be transmitted, in accordance with their owner, from one company to another
  • Not to be submitted to a decision based on an automated personal data treatment, profiling included, which can produce judicial effects that can damage significantly personality of the user

Company must provide the subject of personal data treatment with the copy of all data meant to be treated and in case supplement copies requested, company may ask refund of endured expense.
The way you can exercise your rights:

  • Send registered email with return receipt to Costruzioni Europa Srl – Hotel Europa, Viale Olimpia, n. 2, 42122 Reggio Emilia
  • Email to

Users Under 16
Registration on site is possible only for adults, no permission for under 16 users.
In case of registration of a person under 16, company provides immediate cancellation of his/ her personal data.
The updated list of the employees who are responsible for personal data treatment is available at the headquarter of the company.